Awaiting BEER:30

It’s not that I don’t like my job. It’s just that the cool, refreshing feeling of an icy cold beer sliding down my throat hole at the end of another work week is so inviting. So, I spend my Friday’s dreaming of the time when a beer will be in my hand. This Friday is particularly uninteresting. Busy, but highly uninteresting. It’s so unbelievably hot outside for Flagstaff AZ that everyone is starting to go nuts waiting for the monsoon rains to come cool off our summer days. A few of us (those silly specialized kind) are stuck inside in front of a computer, clicking away all day long. Click, click, bloody click. It used to be fun being the technical person, the one that could always make the computer, device, or program work. The geeky side of things lacks its allure when you are forbidden to leave the office all year long. Map after map, edit after edit, week after week. There is no walking, no digging, no playing in the sun for this GIS Manager. There is only the glow of my monitor, the occasional whir of the hard drive, and that incessant clicking!

The only bonus to being the archy computer rat is that BEER:30 generally comes early. One can’t complain when your company supplies beer and allows you to crack one at 3:30 on Fridays.
Time to go, BEER:30 is at hand.