Back in the Ropes

This is my second year writing for Day of Archeology. Last year I wrote about how I was planning on going back to college to pick up where I left off on my journey to becoming a professional archaeologist…

I am finally back in school once again! This is my first quarter back since Summer 2009. Being a mother of five and being back in school has been quite the challenge. Since it is Summer Quarter, I am only able to take 3 classes so that is exactly what I am taking! I was also able to transfer my classes from my previous college over, so I am very close to graduation and moving onto my next degree.

I can tell you that being older (30 come January), a mom and a full-time college student that my life can get crazy but it is worth it!

After Fall Quarter starts, I plan to see if I can volunteer or intern at one of our local museums that I have worked at before… in the Anthropology Department, of course! Though this will add even more to my already busy plate, I believe that the experience I get will be well worth it in the long run. I enjoy being on this journey once again and I can only hope for the best!

Whether you are considering going back to school for archaeology/anthropology or something else, you truly are not too old to go back and make your dreams come true. Going back may be a little tougher, especially if you are a mom/dad or have other very important things going on all the time in your life, but determination goes a long way. I am so thankful that I am able to go back to follow my dreams while still being there for my children. They are the reason that following my dreams has become so much more important to me than it once was.