Bringing a site to life – Newlin’s Mill Reconstruction, Brookeville, Maryland

Newlin’s Mill

Overview of Newlin’s Mill site, showing the mill, worker’s house, and the two head races.

Originally constructed in the late 1790s, Newlin’s Mill was an oil and saw mill that served as an economic engine for the town of Brookeville, MD throughout the 19th century.  Unlike much of the historic town, the mill complex did not survive the 20th century and only the head races and the worker’s house ruins are still visible above ground. Archaeological excavation has since identified many of  the buried features and artifacts. The mill sits on land now owned and managed by Montgomery Parks, and will be affected by the Brookeville Bypass – new road construction around the historic town.  Parks Archaeology staff have worked to protect the site, and to make it’s history more widely known as an important part of our county’s history.  Earlier this year, we cleaned up the site before drone took off to acquire high resolution images for the reconstruction.

Volunteers and staff clean up Newlin’s Mill site before the drone flight. They are standing in the mill worker’s house ruins.

Through archaeology, historic research, drone photography, and digital software, the mill has been brought back to life in this 3D reconstruction.  This work is being conducted as part of an agreement with MD State Highways Administration to mitigate impacts of the Brookeville Bypass to cultural resources on Montgomery Parks land.   The still shots are from the video below.

The video and detailed information on the mill and the history of Brookeville will soon be placed on a Montgomery Parks webpage for everyone to learn more about this fantastic part of our county’s history.  Enjoy the video!

Detail of Newlin’s Mill

Detail of the worker’s house, with the mill in the background.