Celebrating! All around the World, Old and New!

Today was a merry day for us Archaeologists at CoDA, all around the Old and New World!

Elena, our Web and Mobile Manager, is currently in Italy. She celebrated – a bunch of hours earlier than everyone else – a generous grant by NEH (National Endowment for the Humanities) to support the next steps of Mukurtu Mobile!

Mukurtu Mobile is an iPhone app designed for indigenous communities or just any community that wants to document and share memories in its own terms, using protocols, categories and community terms that make sense to its members. It’s distributed as part of Mukurtu CMS, a free, open source platform built with indigenous communities to manage and share digital cultural heritage.

How can you celebrate with us? Join Elena’s party in Italy later today or… if you’re too late for that (as most of our staff is back in California), just join the Mukurtu community!

Check out the app and help us move forward with your precious suggestions!