“Comfortably seats 12”

Alice Beasley, Project Archaeologist

You will just have to trust me but us 12 archaeologists were NOT comfortable, but at least we were warm. The all inclusive groundhog cabins provide running water, heating, a toilet, storage and the all important kettle but one thing they don’t provide is much space for people in their high visibility coats. Especially not 12 of them in thermals, jumpers, coats and anything else that looks vaguely warm because it is -5 outside and raining/hailing sideways. These cabins also aren’t very mobile so for large linear projects such as roads or cable lines you can end up miles away from your welfare in a short time. So on the day of archaeology I am taking a short 3 hour drive to collect a cabin on wheels which has all the benefits of the groundhog’s but can be moved! let’s see how many archaeologists we can comfortably fill it with!

welfare van

Shiny new van

the kitchen

All mod cons

bathroom and store

…yup, all of them…


Comfortably seats two