Community ‘Environmental’ Archaeologists!

The community archaeologists on the Archeox: Archaeology of East Oxford Project have been involved in every aspect of their project including the following:

  • Desk based research
  • Geophysical survey
  • Test Pitting
  • Excavation
  • Recording
  • Inking drawings
  • Finds washing
  • Finds sorting
  • Wet sieving their soil samples
  • Processing their residues and flots
  • Identifying their animal bones and any modifications
  • Report writing
  • Place names research

…. and that’s just some of what they have been up too!

On Saturday the 30th our volunteers took part in an Environmental Archaeology Workshop with the Archeox project and Oxford Archaeology. We processed soil samples from our excavations at Bartlemas Chapel in east Oxford, most of which were from grave fills.
Volunteers sorted their residues by size using microscopes and hand lenses. They collected artefacts and recorded their proportions on recording forms as well as what material was discarded for each fraction (sample size). The artefacts were bagged together with their forms ready for the next stage of analysis.

Our volunteers said they really enjoyed the session and found it really interesting to see the material that can be collected through this process (including some charred seed’s, teeth, bone fragments and tiny mammal bones). They also said that participating in post excavation helped them to understand why soil samples are taken and why careful labelling and accurate recording is so important on site! They said that being involved in these post excavation processes helped feed back into the way they worked on site.
The Archeox project is extremely proud to announce it has been shortlisted for Best Community Archaeology Project at the British Archaeology Awards 2012!
You can follow the work of our volunteers at our website:, on Facebook: and on Twitter too:!/archeoxnet