Cotswold Archaeology: A day in the life of a Heritage Consultant

As a Heritage Consultant, my work can range from gathering information on ancient landscapes out in the field, to developing and understanding of how modern buildings of great significance contribute to a surrounding cityscape. While most of my day is spent at a desk, there is no better way to start understanding the archaeological potential, or historic significance of a site, than to go and see it.

Heritage Consultants don’t like to brag about our site visits (largely because they are often confidential projects), but we do get to visit some fantastic locations. As our work focuses on the sites and monuments which hold any level of significance in relation to our past, our visits can lead us to a great variety of locations. examples might include: Second World War features at local airfields, prehistoric trackways, medieval houses, and Roman fortresses.  Not all of our site visits are so inspiring, however, as visits to car park and modern high-rise blocks are just as frequent (if not more so on occasion); these visits are still an essential aspect of our research though, helping us to understand how the modern development of a given site may have affected any potential buried archaeological remains. I hope to soon be able to share photos of some of my more interesting recent visits – keep an eye on Twitter!

Today, I am based firmly behind my desk researching the significance of the coal industry in Cardiff during the 19th Century, and its contribution to the development of some of the most important buildings in Wales!