DART sidetracked

Day Of Tweed

Day Of Tweed

Inevitably you get sidetracked…..

DART is burying temperature and soil moisture sensors at our test sites that take readings every hour or so. The data from these sensors will feed into soil and other models so we can get a better understanding of thermal emmisivity characteristics, soil-water percolation etc. and how this impacts on contrast identification and therefore the detection of archaeology. Most of these probes are bespoke units developed by the University of Birmingham. In order to test the veracity of these systems against an ‘off-the-shelf’ system we are collaborating with Van Walt Ltd to install their ‘off the shelf’ temperature and moisture arrays.

On Monday we will be installing the Van Walt sensors at our site in Cambridgeshire. Consequently I need to ensure that the last-minute logistics are sorted out and the programme of works is understood by all. Dr. Keith Wilkinson, our geoarchaeologist, set out the trench and borehole locations earlier today.

In addition we will be installing the Birmingham sensors in the same area in the week commencing 22nd August 2011. I have just booked the machine which will excavate and backfill the trench.

I also note that other people have put picture of themselves up. So….. here’s one of me. Today is a Tweed Friday and some stereotypes are worth maintaining! Unfortunately I have evolved in a way which precludes the growing of fancy facial furniture. I am therefore beard-free.