Day 543

Howdy! Remember last year’s post? Well, here I am… still with my thesis.

I write today because tomorrow I will have no internet. I am going to the village due to a terrible need to sleep well for a couple of nights (it’s hotter than last year, although my neighbor might be broke and at least I don’t have to stand 24/7 with AC over my head), and I have the feeling my day is not very different from last year’s, or is it?

6:07 – I am awake, looking at the time on my phone. Not really sleepy, but definitely tired. A couple of minutes later I wake up. I am not in the mood to work that early, so I have breakfast and watch a chapter of Vice Principals, a new HBO show that is quite fun. After finishing the most recent season of Orange is the New Black yesterday I was a bit down and needed a comedy.

7:15 – I already read newspapers and even checked Facebook… I remember #Dayofarch so it might be time to start recording my day.

8:45 – Alarm sounds, which means I have to run meet a friend for some training. I put on 5 kilos after three months doing no exercise due to traveling and a nose surgery that had me in the sofa for three weeks. Three is a magical number, why didn’t I get only 3 kilos?

10:45 – Showered and ready to start… I am going to the university for a bit to bring some stuff and maybe this is something I can talk about.

  • The Research Group on Cultural Heritage Management (GPC), that we just rebooted with a new image and a better communication strategy to show the work we are doing. You can follow us on Twitter @gpcultural or like our Facebook page and the blog. The web is still under development, but will soon be available too.


  • The 3rd International Conference on Best Practices in World Heritage. After the huge success of last year’s second edition, we (from the group) are up to a new one on 2018 and we started to plan it. Last year it was about people and communities and we tried to give meaning to the concept of participation (see the proceedings). Now we have to move ahead again, so keep an eye on us… Again Twitter @CongresoBPPM plus Facebook and blog, with a new web under development.


12:00 – I’m back home. Have the laundry going on and maybe I should clean up a bit… Before that I answer some emails and work a little on the journal (AP: Online Journal in Public Archaeology, check out the Special Volume we just published) as some texts and reviews are coming and we need to move on with the editorial process.

I have to take a train this afternoon, so lets make a small exercise of imagination to figure out the future:

13:00 – Laundry and cleaning: done… so let’s have some lunch. I feel like a bit of gazpacho and some fish.

15:00 – I have watched a couple of episodes of the show Preacher to be up to date with it. My suitcase is ready and I will start walking to the train station.

16:00 – The train is moving, on time as always… It was half the price of the normal one and takes half of the time to get me to Salamanca, so it is quite a good deal.

17:30 – My parents are waiting for me in Salamanca. We go shopping, because I will stay there for a week to try write better (due to my sleeping issues with the heat in Madrid).

20:00 – We are home in the village and I will see my new summer office… All set up!

21:00 – Dinner and… yeah, I need to sleep. Have a great Day of Archaeology tomorrow!

JAS Arqueología