Day of Archaeology 2013 – LAARC Lottery! part 1 (General Finds)

What a start to LAARC Lottery! Big thanks to all of those that have been suggesting shelf numbers. Here’s the results:

First up we’ve a classic object type probably found on every archaeological site. Thanks to @omatopopi for suggesting shelf 3553 which had a box of clay tobacco pipe from 1988’s excavations at Wardrobe Court 


Then we had a look at one of the lowest shelf numbers in the archive, shelf 8, as suggested by @WulfgarTheBard. Here we found a box of Roman Flagons from 1972 excavations at Brockley Hill


This was particularly lovely and suggested by @alitorlo and found on shelf 2014. A pipkin from Foster Lane, dug in 1982


The next one’s really cool as I can pin point it to an exact date. Thanks to @IndianaHannah for suggesting shelf 102 which had this piece of Metropolitan Slipware from Nonsuch Palace with ‘1671’ glazed on it


The Empress of #DayOfArchaeology herself, the lovely @lornarichardson, predicted that her shelf 5478 would have some CBM. She was right of course but hey, we still found this decorated brick pretty sexy. Comes from the PCA site at Kings Road


A couple more for this round. One of LAARC’s recent volunteers @TinctureOfMuse has our favourite discovery. Low numbers produce old sites = things that need a bit better packaging. Here’s what we discovered on shelf 12 (another Brockley Hill excavation)


This was inside though!


Here’s how we discovered it: Opening the boxes

Finally in this round, Thanks to @TheHeronEC2 for suggesting shelf 26 which produced a couple more bits of Roman samian pottery, excavated at Noble Street way back in 1949. These two bits however should really fall into part two, our registered finds. So thanks @TheHeronEC2, you’re contribution has helped us discover objects that should be in another part of the archive! And these objects have a pottery maker’s stamp on (left) and a bit of etched roman graffitii ‘Bii’ (right)


Next up it’s our Registered finds: objects assigned an individual number (akin to an museum accession number) because they are of particular interest. The stamp and graffiti are examples as well as something obvious like a coin. Tweet using #dayofarch #LAARCLottery or #LAARC, or message us below, picking a number between 1 and 815 to discover, completely at random, what that shelf holds… – and we’ll post back our results at 1pm

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