Day of Archaeology 2013 – LAARC Lottery! part 2 (Registered Finds)

On to the Registered Finds, those objects with something a bit special about them.

First reg find comes from our lovely Museum of London curator @MerielJeater. Her suggesting of Shelf 45 produced this piece of wood, probably part of a table leg, found in 1974 at Angel Court


Then one of our favourite object types in LAARC – A roman dog footprint as suggested by @Helena_S and found during the redevelopment of Guys Hospital in 1982


Next we had a suggestion from an old school friend of mine via Facebook. Cancio suggested shelf 221 and we found a piece of a post med tortoise shell fan from Foster lane


And then there was a fab manganese wall tile with two dudes just chilling out – suggested by MoLA Roman pottery specialist Amy Thorpe (523) and from excavations at Albert Embankment


Finally @Heatherfeath39 suggested shelf 313, which produced…


An empty shelf! Well it is a lottery!

Next it’s our Metal artefacts – these objects are stored separately. A dehumidified store, sealed boxes and silica gel help us maintain these objects to a high degree of preservation as they’d slowly degrade in normal room conditions. Tweet using #dayofarch or #LAARC, or message us below, a number between 1 and 631 to discover, completely at random, what that shelf holds…