Day of Archaeology as a Student

As a student at Michigan State University, the topic of archaeology has always been appealing to me. The thought of mysterious cultures and ancient artifacts waiting to be found gives the field an added air of intrigue. After several years of debating whether or not to act on this fascination, I finally decided to take a class dedicated to the study of the “Great Discoveries in Archaeology.”

On this Day of Archaeology, I will be spending my time learning about Machu Picchu and the great Incan empire. To date, I think this is one of the most interesting topics in archaeology that I have learned about. The Incan empire was vast and mighty, yet there are still so many aspects that remain mystifying and unresolved about this great civilization, most notably Machu Picchu.

When it comes to Machu Picchu, everything about this site is covered in uncertainty. Whether it be the reason for its construction or simply the location itself, archaeologists are constantly trying to understand the true purpose of such a place in the eyes of the Inca.

During my study of archaeology and especially Machu Picchu, I have been able to realize both the hardships that archaeologists face and the importance that they play in society. No matter what site is being studied, archaeologists are consistently putting in extraordinary amounts of work even for the smallest of findings. In addition, archaeologists are key in maintaining our connection to past cultures. Although people might not realize it, archaeologists and the field of archaeology provide us with understanding and awareness of the past, giving us a better appreciation for how the world used to be and how we as people have developed over time.

Ultimately, my interest in the field of archaeology will be unchanging, and spending time to reflect on its importance to me will make it that much more appealing. Seeing the work and daily tasks of archaeologists shows just how important this field is to many people, even though it might be overlooked by many members of society. In the end, I will always value the work of archaeologists and hope that many people can start to do the same in the future. #ANP264DayofArch2017