Day Of Archaeology at Neolithic Asikli, Turkey

Hi from  Central Anatolia, Turkey

On this Archeology Day, we celebrate all archeologists who have given their support, in the field, in libraries, at museums, and at home, in an effort to understand all stages of human history.

Sea People at Aşıklı

25th season at Aşıklı

The archaeological excavations and research that we first started in 1989 under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Ufuk Esin, to understand the earliest sedentary communities in Central Anatolia, is now in its 25th year. We extend our gratitude to everyone who worked with us as part of the team or who supported our work over these past 25 years as well as to our new members. 25 years was almost a lifetime for the Aşıklı community who lived 10,000 years ago. Understanding in depth the Aşıklı community, its lifestyle, habits, behaviours, and belief systems, and to share this knowledge with others, excites us today as much as it did in the first years.

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