Day of Archaeology in Southern Arizona

This is a short message from Bill White, a historical archaeologist working out of Tucson. The rest of my week was eventful, but on the actual Day of Archaeology, I took an 8-hour MSHA refresher course. It was the usual– videos of people that didn’t wear their seat belts, fingers that got chopped off in machinery, folks that caught fire in chemical-related accidents, and huge mining haul trucks driving over small pickups. Basically, I was reminded that there are a thousand ways to die at a mine.

Fortunately, I spent the rest of this week out in the field; however, most of that fieldwork was actually driving between project areas and archaeology sites. I made a short YouTube video chronicling my week of archaeology. Check it out:

On Monday and Tuesday, I did a little monitoring near a Hohokam site in Nogales, Arizona. I found myself doing some “emergency” survey work near Kearney, Arizona on Wednesday and Thursday. The survey resulted in the discovery of a huge Archaic period site along the Gila River that also had a significant historical component. The historical features were part of a previously recorded townsite and were primarily comprised of mining camps, mine shafts, test pits, open cuts, and a huge assemblage of early twentieth century artifacts.

The weather down here sucked. It was at least 100 degrees by 10:30 AM. Every afternoon it rained, so the humidity hovered around 70% all morning and didn’t let up until we got drenched by summer rains around 3:00 PM— just in time to hop in the truck and head back home. I hate to say it, but I think I’m almost used to the summers down here.

The thrill of discovery is what kept me going through it all. I love finding sites that, somehow, nobody else has identified. It’s almost as if they didn’t exist without my noticing them– kinda like physicists are trying to prove through recent quantum theories of time and space. Events and things do not exist without an observer… Maybe the sun has finally boiled my mind.

Anyway, I also posted about my travels and travails this week on my blog.

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Take care and happy Day of Archaeology.