Day of Archaeology – LAARC Lottery! part 3 (metals)

We’re loving the response we’re getting. Again a massive thanks to everyone that’s been tweeting us numbers. Here’s what we found when we rummaged in our metal store:

There are loads of Iron nails in the archive and I’m pleased to announce that shelf 42 as suggested by @UniRdg_MusStudy gave us some nasty looking ones from Merton Priory Excavations


There was also a massive bit of iron slag that we found on shelf 57 as suggested by @El_dwyer This from 1981 Swan Lane excavations


And then from Facebook some lovely coins! My friend Rachel from my student days suggested Shelf 2. This brought up a couple of coins, very aptly with the heads of George II & George IV


And next a forgery! Part of a hoard of coins faked in the medieval period and discovered at St Thomas Street. Thanks Jo for suggesting shelf 5


Sorry to say that @ElenaPapagia shelf suggestion of shelf 21 also was empty 🙁


Next it’s our Paper Records. Again, segregated and stored in a controlled environment, this store is humidified to preserve these important documents. Tweet using #dayofarch or #LAARC, or message us below, a number between 1 and 431 to discover, completely at random, what that shelf holds…