Day of Archaeology – LAARC Lottery! part 4 (paper records)

We’ve got the most important section of our archive coming up now as we’ve been using the numbers you’ve been tweeting us to check out the shelves in our paper records store:

First up we went to shelf 4 chosen by @ElenaPapagia whose shelf came up empty in the records. Shelf 4 contained records from 1949’s excavations at Ironmonger lane, where amongst other things they discovered this amazing roman mosaic. Here’s a photo from the site found in the records:


In the same box was also this amazing envelope containing site notes from Wallside excavations in 1932


Then to shelf 5 for @TinctureOfMuse’s daughter’s suggestion. Again coming up trumps, we’ve got these original drawings recording wooden timbers:


Not just any wooden timbers though. These are the ribs of the Roman ship that was dug up at County Hall in 1910!


Then to shelf 305 at the suggestion of Mr @m_law (who’s very kindly been approving loads of posts today) Matt, your shelf gave us this rather polite letter of correspondance relating to the coins already mentioned in part 3 of #LAARCLottery – the ones from St Thomas Street


Finally, (and it’s worth the wait) @mikimoo9 suggested shelf 364. This shelf has records from excavations in 1988 at Bethel Estate and it had what I was hoping for. A site diary!


First page that opened, a gem: Poor old Dave with his bad back (we’ve all been there), Emma finding barrel wells, Steve not in because he’s sneezing too much, and correct me if I’m wrong but was there a darts match on Tues 21st?


Told you it was good (and if anyone attended that darts match please leave a comment and let us know who won!)

One more to go. Our last major store section holds our Environmental finds. These are typically extremely small objects that take up little space (hence the small shelf range) and include objects such as seeds, pollen and small animal bones etc. Tweet using #dayofarch or #LAARC, or message us a number below, between 1 and 44 to discover, completely at random, what that shelf holds…