Day of Archaeology – LAARC Lottery part 5 (Environmental Finds)

We’ve been well chuffed we’ve the response we’ve had today. Here’s our final LAARC Lottery results from shelves storing our environmental finds:

A final suggestion from @ElenaPapagia led us to shelf 7 and the very essence of what you would expect to find with environmental finds – lots of little tubes:


And inside these, things so tiny and with descriptions beyond my archaeological knowledge, this photo hardly does it justice:


So then to MOLA’s archaeobotonist @KarenStewart, who’s shelf 36 contained plenty of fauna remains. These from Wilson Street, 1989 and including bird bones:


Fish bones:


and my personal favourite, what seems to be a rabbit skull:


Finally, I thought I’d have a go myself. The first number that popped into my head was 17. It proved lucky as the boxes related to the awesome excavations at Thames Exchange in 1988. First I came across some burrs (I’d never heard of them):


and then, in a nutshell, some nutshells:


and as fate would have it, this year’s #LAARCLottery will finish in the way 2012’s did. With a piece of poo. Ladies and gents, behold, teeny tiny rat poo!


And that’s it!

Thanks to everyone for sending us your shelf suggestions and apologies if the shelf you suggested didn’t get shown (there was only so many we could blog about!) We’ve had loads of fun running around the archive finding objects and we hope you’ve enjoyed joining in and reading about what’s in LAARC. Have an awesome #DayOfArch people!