Day of Archaeology – LAARC Lottery!

LAARC Archive stores

The LAARC archive stores, holding over 2 million objects, and the venue for LAARC lottery!

The London Archaeological Archive & Research Centre (LAARC) – the world’s largest archaeological archive – holds the records for over 8,500 London archaeological sites and millions of excavated objects (especially if we count every ceramic sherd)!

As part of the day of archaeology the LAARC is getting interactive with a little game we like to call ‘LAARC Lottery’.

We have five major areas of the Archive to explore: General finds, Registered finds, Metal, Textile and Environmental.

Each hour from 12 until 5 today we will be exploring some of our archaeological finds interactively and completely randomly, and we will be asking for suggestions from you as to what we look at.

First up we’re exploring our General finds: artefacts that are normally treated as an assemblage – pottery, animal bone, building material etc. – and which make up the bread and butter of London’s archaeological material. We have 6210 shelves of general finds in the archive, so what we would like you to do is suggest a shelf number between 1 and 6210, either by Twitter using the hashtags #dayofarch and #LAARC, or by leaving a comment below, which we will then go to, photograph and blog about the objects we find there.



8 thoughts on “Day of Archaeology – LAARC Lottery!

  1. Leisa says:


  2. Andrew Fetherston says:

    Thanks Leisa, check out the results from your shelf number here:

  3. Andrew Fetherston says:

    Thanks Pat – unfortunately we already had enough numbers for our general finds, but I’ll add your shelf number to our registered finds lottery! Check back later for the results

  4. Andrew Fetherston says:

    Hi Pat – your shelf number produced a really nice Roman lamp – see our blog post for more info

    Thanks for taking part in our LAARC lottery!

  5. Andrew Fetherston says:

    Thanks for the shelf number Jaime, but we’re moving on to a different batch of shelves now, for our textile finds – would you like to suggest a number bewteen 784 – 910?

  6. Milena says:


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