Day of Archaeology meets Digital Humanities

Hello.  My name is Megan and I used to be an archaeologist.

Now I am a digital humanist.  Only, I am not really a digital humanist.  I am a fully paid up member of the only academic career path to rightfully start with a hastag – #alt-ac. Or alt-arc? Ac-ac?


I now exist in a central research IT department supporting archaeology, digital humanities, computational social science, HPC, and odd mixtures of all those things.  How does this have anything to do with the Day of Archaeology? Well, I hope today to contribute to the blog to demonstrate what is possible ‘after’ archaeology.  What type of work you can do from the outside of archaeology, which still supports the discipline and the goals of studying and protecting our past.

I was a founding member of the Day of DH blogging team and always started those blogs with an “I do DH, but I am not really a DH person”. So now, tables turned, I am starting a Day of Archaeology day admitting to not being an archaeologist, but a DH interloper.  Outside the fold, inside the lines, carry on, carry on.