Digging a Tell

On the 29th of June I was digging in Százhalombatta (Hungary) in the middle of a Bronze Age tell, where there has been continuous habitation from c. 2200 BC to c. 1800 BC (Nagyrév and Vatya cultures) and a 4.5 m deep stratigraphy was formed.

It is a training and research dig and although I am a Roman specialist, the site director invited me, together with other more experienced diggers, to take part in the season.

So what was my day like? I have spent my day in the 20 x 20 m trench and delicately excavated and recorded a 1 x 1 m grid inside a Bronze Age house. I have only removed a couple of cm, but in a tell like that, this is a usual amount of work you can do within one working day.  Also there was a lot of sampling, and we sieve every bucket, we are even collecting every pebble!

The dig will run till the end of July, and you can find out more information here.

One thought on “Digging a Tell

  1. Toots says:

    Thats great to hear about this site as my son is currently over in Szazhalombatta, he went on Saturday 30 June as you left he arrived. From a mothers point of view its very interesting to find out more about the dig he is working on. Thank you for adding the ‘more information’ web site as it explains and shows the working condition of the dig in Hungary.

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