Digging in Ancient Rome!

Archaeology students from Universita di Roma Tre and the American University of Rome collaborate to excavate the Forum of Vespasian in the center of ancient Rome. The weather is hot, the site is dusty, but everyone is having a good time. Here is a sample of the comments heard on an average day down at the dig:
“I love having free reign over all the restricted areas.” (Kagan)

“I love feeling like a cage zoo animal with peoples faces swished against the bars to see us.” (Kagan)

“The good thing about being covered in dirt is that people don’t bug you to go to their restaurant.” (Evelyn)

“What did you do today?” (Sadie) “Same thing we do everyday.”(Thomas) “Shoveling digging and throwing rocks.” (Ignatius) “Moving rocks from here to here than from there to here and back. With the occasional waving at tourists. They get real exciting over that.” (Thomas)

“Wow there must have been a lot of pigs in this area at one time. Oink!” (Frangelica)

“Everything is red can we just get a black layer.” (Ellen)

“My back really hurts. But I am learning a lot.” (Melissa)

“Finally today I was able to identify the different layers.” (Evelyn)

“Is this something or is this a rock?” (Ellen)

“Umm I think we found something!” (Thomas)

“Identifying the different pottery is difficult just when I think I figured out which is which I found out I’m wrong.” (Sadie)