Dispatches from Edinburgh: ScARF project & museums – part 1

I’m Anna MacQuarrie, part of a team of two, working for the ScARF project at the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. My role is that of the Museums Officer, working on getting further museum contributions to our panel reports. Ultimately, I’m working to fill in the knowledge gaps on ScARF through research in archaeology with a focus on museum collections.

One of our thematic research recommendations docs with two additional important things: TrowelBlazer Lottie & CAKE

My work involves a lot of desk-based correspondence and research but today in particular I’m thinking about an exciting archaeological landscape I’ll be in soon: Orkney. I’ll be working with the local authority museums service there for two weeks in September, so I’m in the midst of planning talks and spreading the good word about ScARF. I don’t need to tell you how great Orkney is for archaeological sites – and the museums are just as good.

You can see here a fairly realistic example of my desk at work: scattered with notes and papers, though there is a logic to it, promise! I work three days a week in this role, sharing space, so have to be flexible to keep on my game. If I’m not organised, I don’t know where I am.

Testing out leaflet designs and notes from meetings

This museums project part of ScARF is a recent undertaking, with my job just having started in June this year. But thankfully I’ll be here for a few years – some precious job certainty in an otherwise worrying heritage landscape.

Our office is right in the heart of Edinburgh’s old town, immediately next door to the National Museum Scotland (perfect for a lunchtime wander), across the road from Greyfriar’s Bobby and a stones throw from the University of Edinburgh. It means I’m surrounded by fantastic heritage and archaeology on a daily basis – perfect.

Lunchtime now, then, back later…

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