Forma Urbis: where archaeology meets people

Forma Urbis was founded in the 90s with the innovative idea of spreading the knowledge of the Roman world, and its many manifestations, to the general public through the use of highly scientific archaeological contents narrated with a very modern journalistic language.

Nobody could have imagined then how important “communication”has become today for the archaeological profession.

Since then we have much evolved. We retained our  highly scientific soul and guaranteed the widespread availability of the magazine, while we worked for expanding our areas of interest, moving from Rome to all the pre-Roman archaeology and the Roman archaeology abroad. Recently we moved forward to include Near Eastern archaeology too.

As the editorial staff grew, involving also many archaeologists, we felt the need to be more connected to the always changing and innovating field of the archaeological profession and also to expand our investigation to the themes of conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage that were becoming a protagonist of the dialogue in the cultural sector.

Thanks to Forma Urbis we were able to create a substantial network of collaborations during the years that comprises Universities, Superintendence, Foreign Cultural Research Institutes, associations and Archaeological Missions, our goal has always been to become an instrument of divulgation for the public at large but at the same time to become a way for experts to experience a new and faster way of communication.

We worked to structure the pages of our magazine as a dialogue among academics, scholars and young researchers at the beginning of their career  to follow the evolution of the archaeological profession and the new discoveries, tools and professional figures that are emerging in the field.

One of our priorities has always been to involve young archaeological researchers in our work.

We often collaborate with young researchers for the scientific editing of the magazine contents, as to always have fresh minds and energies working on the magazine. Besides the collaboration each year the magazine awards some of the best young researchers in the archaeological field with the “Premio Forma Urbis”.

Supporting the innovative spirit of Forma Urbis we are now very interested in the new developments of online communication for the field of culture and science. We are experimenting and reporting on this new communication tools that are created by and for the academic world.

The future of Forma Urbis holds a new challenge: the creation and distribution of an international quarterly issue entirely in English, with the aim to enlarge our network of collaborators and start a proficient exchange of best practices between Italian and foreign archaeologists.