Fridays are my favourite

I’ve always enjoyed Fridays. That’s the day that Amy and Portia come down from the district museum (“The Novium”) to work on their collections. We share our archaeology store with the Novium and work closely with their curators. It’s good to have a day a week when we can share thoughts, ideas and have a good rant. We have already put the world to rights on the topic of archaeological deposition, disposal, loans, handling and have come up with a new idea for an exhibition. Not bad since it’s not 10:30 yet! Many small museums only have a small curatorial team and so when curators get together we like to make the most of the chance to keep up to date with what’s new in collections management.

Today we have a couple of researchers working with us as well as a good compliment of volunteers. Will try to catch up with them as the day progresses.