Gérard Bataille, Research engineer, responsible for scientific partnerships at Inrap

My name is Gerard Bataille and I am responsible for scientific partnerships (and scientific activity) at the scientific and technical direction of Inrap, at the Paris headquarters. I am first and foremost an archaeologist, specialized in Celtic archaeology that took a job in research administration in order to put my skills and commitment in the service of others.

As part of my activities, I deal with linking relationships between Inrap and various French research institutions, such as the CNRS, universities and numerous laboratories. The aim of these relationships is to develop scientific partnerships for future research development projects between Inrap colleagues and researchers from other institutions.

The main objectives of this mission are to set up for Inrap agents, a supportive work environment for the development of their research as well as facilitate relations they may have with colleagues from other institutions in order to promote multi-institutional projects.

For this, I am frequently led to travel through France in order to meet our partners and establish with them the basis of our relations. Therefore, I spend much of my working life in public transportation and meetings, and the other half at the office preparing draft conventions in collaboration with other departments and colleagues with other skill sets than mine such as the legal department, the direction of cultural development and communication, human resources, etc…

Another part of my missions is to participate in the management, organization and monitoring of my colleagues’ scientific activity. In this framework, in collaboration with others from the scientific and technical direction, we regularly meet with our colleagues to advise on the installation and implementation of their research projects, set up and ensure the means of award procedures (financial and human), administer and follow research budgets and the conduct of these programs …

On a more personal level, in my free time, I try to continue to participate in and develop projects, in order to keep a scientific activity and keep, in the eyes of my colleagues, legitimacy as an archaeologist.

Gérard Bataille

Research engineer

Responsible for scientific partnerships

Scientific and Technical Direction, Inrap

Scientific affiliation: UMR 6298 ArTeHiS (CNRS-Université de Bourgogne)