getting ready for excavation

One of the other tasks for today, was providing Cardiff University with final coordinates for the excavation trenches layed-out yesterday. Besides archaeometallurgy I’m also involved in the provision of services, and of teaching, in archaeogeophysics. Over the last 6 years we’ve been surveying the western side of the Roman legionary fortress at Caerleon as both a major piece of research and as a teaching exercise for students from Cardiff University. For the last few years a joint Cardiff/UCL project has been excavating on sites we surveyed inside the fortress but this year the emphasis switches to our new discoveries outside the fortress.

The will be a season of excavation starting next week, involving nine trenches exploring the enormous buildings we have found between the amphitheatre and the river. The university has produced a website and an ebook all about the project and there will be an excavation blog to follow too!

It’s going to be very exciting – but unfortunately, having layed out the trenches I will be away and missing the first fortnight of the action!


Caerleon 2011 excavation trenches

Location of the 2011 excavation trenches (red) on the magnetic survey of the area SW of the legionary fortress. Image copyright GeoArch