Gladiators and the Colosseum

For Dr Pier Matteo Barone the Day of Archaeology 2014 was spent teaching students of the American University of Rome about Roman architecture. One great advantage is that the class doesn’t have to stay in the lecture room or look at powerpoint images – they can go and see the real thing!

“Have you seen pictures of monuments like these in your classes? Ever wondered why ancient Rome is so attractive? Or whether you could really sense the ancient Roman gladiators fighting in the Colosseum? In the summer I teach ARC 101, Roman Archaeology on-site, to a group of students made up mostly of Study Abroad students who come to Rome for an intensive fix of Roman archaeology! It’s great because students can discover the richness of Roman archaeology through a combination of academic instruction and on-site visits, getting hands-on experience. The temperature can get pretty hot in Rome in July but it beats being stuck indoors!”