Heard of the Blackmoor Hoard? This is the Blackmoor Cow-Bell..

The cow bell is re assembled.  Samples of old fill can be seen to the right.

Hi, I’m Claire, the archaeology conservator at Hampshire County Council Arts & Museums Service.  Today we’re hoping to be able to post about the whole archaeology department’s activities, but we’re kicking off with conservation and my cow-bell!

The cow-bell is part of an assemblage from Blackmoor in the parish of Selbourne.  Much of the assemblage carries novel old restoration attempts which are very interesting, but  now failing.  My task with this cow bell was to remove the old brown wax fills (which were becoming covered in a fine white deposit) and the thin wooden inserts used to support joins.  I then had to carefully clean the cow-bell to remove any residues, and reassemble it with modern and reversible acrylic adhesive and a spider tissue backing – sort of like a thin conservation grade papier mache!