HERALD project – OASIS blogs and transforming BIAB into the ADS Library

The new ADS Library

I looked at last year‘s Day of archaeology post and realised that I’m partly posting about the same thing – just one year on… The project to redevelop the CBA‘s British and Irish Archaeological Bibliography – BIAB is going strong and we are simultaneously building the new web application which will allow you to search and update bibliographic records in the ADS Library as well as shoehorning all the data from numerous sources (BIABADS Grey Literature Library, Journal archives, Monograph archives and feeds from publishers such as Oxbow and BAR) into our new data structure. I say we – my colleagues are doing those parts I’m doing planning!

Library word cloud

Suppliers of data to the ADS Library

PLANNING! Often underrated and seen as a chore but a vital part of any project. So today I’m looking at two things – what changes we need to  make to the ADS website in order to accommodate the new Library section and you wouldn’t believe how many inter-connecting links there are between archives and the Grey Literature Library reports. I’m also thinking about who we need to contact to tell about the changes to these areas of our site.

The other part of the HERALD project (the main part) is the redevelopment of the OASIS form. This is in the final planning phase with the final specification due at the end of this year, so yes you’ve guessed it more PLANNING and final consultations. We’re currently collecting comments on a couple of OASIS blog posts – one on How can we improve the Geophysics recording in OASIS? which is generating some interesting discussion and another on How should OASIS collect large area surveys? If you have any thoughts on these things please add your comments as well. The English aspect of HERALD project is funded by Historic England.oasis-herald

The planning aspect is looking at how to merge the OASIS form and the Discovery and Excavation in Scotland (DES) form for the Scottish version of OASIS. The two forms collect much the same information and although at the moment you can use an OASIS Id to pre-populate the DES form (saving some time) running two applications to do very similar things is rather inefficient. The combination of these two systems will allow for greater data sharing and better reporting of archaeological events across Scotland. This part of the project is in partnership with Historic Environment Scotland and Archaeology Scotland.

This is a long running project and I fully expect I’ll be posting about it next year too, the OASIS part of it at least – the ADS Library should be up and running this autumn.