Historic Environment Record News

Hi, my name is Charina Jones, I am the Historic Environment Record Manager at GGAT.  My work is usually quite varied and so today is not really typical of any other day.  This morning I have been updating our internal Geographic Information Systems with data relating to Historic Landscapes, Conservation Areas and Archaeologically Sensitive Areas.  Having this data to hand complements the main HER data and helps when in comes to making decisions about the resource, for example, when used in archaeological planning.

Following this I attended a Trustee meeting of the HER Charitable Trust, the HER is held in Trust to safeguard its existence and protect it from being treated as a commercial, saleable asset.  These meetings occur bi-annually and as manager I present a half yearly report to the Trustees on the activity of the HER – and of course afterwards there is a scrumptious buffet lunch!

This afternoon I have been working on producing letters to accompany a data deposit agreement.  We hope that with the co-operation of other organisations, this agreement will enable us to more freely copy and distribute information to enquirers of the HER.


If you would like to search the HER for yourself, visit www.archwilio.org.uk