In the middle of the forest path

To be archaeologist is not only to have an occupation… It is to be a freak in a way.

Today I want to share a story with you about my friend and a colleague. Not so long time ago, somewhere around middle of June this year, a friend of mine came to my house very excited. She ran inside with dirty hands almost screaming with an enormous smile on her face.

“I need a shovel!” she said, “anything to dig, any sharp edges! Come on, I found something in the middle of the forest path, we HAVE TO dig it up!”.

So we sat for some time, talked a little, but in the end we finished walking through the forest, looking for a hidden archaeological treasure in the middle of the forest path.

I must admit, I wasn’t so curious, or even half way excited as her, but when we finally found the spot, I couldn’t imagine leaving without digging up the metal, round object lying in the very middle of the forest path, just few centimeters beneath the surface.


Of course, we haven’t brought any tools with us, but it didn’t matter. We started digging with our bare hands, with help of some sherds and stones found near us.


After some time two older people, who were walking through the stated path got interested in our digging action. It must have been very bizarre seeing two young girls digging up with their hands something in the middle of the forest path.

They stopped, they asked, and they got interested. They stayed with us until our work was done, helping us to examine the metal object we dug up.


It wasn’t anything special, just a peace of not that old pipe and a metal tap near it.

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BUT it wasn’t about treasure, it was about the curiosity, dedication, and peoples interest in archaeology.

My friend proved she’s an arch-freak, but without her I would never be able to share this incredible story here.

What are the conclusions?

Very simple and obvious. Archaeology is around us, everywhere we go somebody was there before us, and possibly left a piece of themselves in our way. Let’s enjoy the landscape we observe throughout its deep history written by lifes of our forbearers.