It’s been a slow/busy year

Today was not the best day to detail my ‘day of archaeology.’ This week This year has not been the best for a day of archaeology. I am a GIS Specialist for a company that does Right of Way, Cultural Resource Management, and Environmental Resource Management consulting. Work for us is always feast or famine, but it has been especially famine lately for this 9-5 job. The flip side of the title though, is that outside of my 9-5 has been very busy.

As Day of Archaeology 2014 approached I was at a loss for what I might actually talk about for my 9-5. So I’ll throw together a little bit from the last week and we’ll all pretend that it happened in one day. It has happened in one day so it isn’t that big of a stretch. Part of my job is managing all of the GIS data. I set up the field equipment, I download that data when it comes back in, I design the technical figures that go into our reports, I work on cost estimates and work plans for proposals. I did a little of all of that this week. I worked on a proposal where our field crews would map in detail the architecture of several sites on a federal property and then provide to scale digital format maps. There is another proposal where we would take existing field maps from another federal property and provide scale digital format maps. I set up a Trimble for field use by an archaeologist and a biologist for surveying utility pole replacement. I design a suite of maps for a cellular tower installation. I like to argue that I’m slow this year because I have instituted so many automatic processes that reduce the overall time that I work on a single project. I love integrating data driven techniques. The downside is that I can now push out hundreds of maps in a few minutes instead of hours.

As I already said, outside of my 9-5 it has been very busy. I have been trying to pull in more on-call clients. I have designed and built a UAV. I try to keep up on my blog. Yesterday I submitted my poster abstract for SHA 2015 in Seattle. Come by and take a look at it. It should be pretty interesting. I worked with a colleague at the Fort Walla Walla Museum in…Walla Walla, Washington on a project that yielded some interesting archival research on the location of the city’s Chinatown. I am working on my GISP application (the RPA equivalent for us GIS folk).

It’s the daily grind that is typical for a lot of CRM professionals. But I get to drop interesting things in every now and then. This week was good for that.