Karen Thomas: A Day in the Life of an Archivist – The Musical!

A DAY IN THE LIFE  – 29 June 2012


1.  Today we are supposed to be depositing a bunch of site archives with LAARC and need to put the finishing touches to a few of them to get them ready.  We have to check the microfilming, make sure all the digital records are in the right format, compile bibliographies and metadata, prepare deeds of transfer and get them signed and complete the special checklists required by LAARC.  There are 26 sites in all so better get on with it!!!!!!


2.  Part of the process is to prepare a pdf/A version of the site reports (including desk top assessments and project designs).  For older sites we have to convert the original Corel Draw report figures into pdf/A images and then combine them with the text to make the finished report.  The conversion process can be a bit slow, especially when your original figure is on the large size so finding other things to do whilst waiting for something to happen is always a good idea.  I chose to eat lunch ……


3.  It’s the afternoon now and we are rapidly approaching 4 o’clock when we are due to take the boxes downstairs (at least we haven’t got far to go!).  Still got a bit to do so better get a move on.  The temperature in the office today hasn’t quite reached the heady heights of 31.8 degrees that we had yesterday but at 29.2 degrees it’s still warming up in here.  Ideal for rushing round like lunatics!


4.  We did it!  Twenty-two sites have gone down and we’re going to finish off the last 4 on Monday morning and sneak those in too with all the finds (Thanks Andy!).

A trolley-load of archives!


In between all this activity we’ve been answering queries, helping our colleagues to find records and books, doing some OASIS training, responding to emails, chasing people again for things that we’ve been waiting for, testing new software, finishing off the last of the outstanding site summaries, and, of course, Steph’s been co-ordinating all your Day of Archaeology entries too.  Next week we’ll have to start looking at the next lot of records to get ready .  Here we go again!


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  1. Adam Corsini says:

    Brilliant! Especially the trolley song.

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