LAARC Lottery: Behind the Scenes

Today you’ve picked out random shelf numbers and seen some of the awesome finds we have here at the archaeological archive… but have you spared a thought for the poor runners hunting all this down for you?  It starts like this: with a post-it note:

Off I run to the textile store to find the shelves.

I’m then faced with this:

Uh oh… no access eh?

It’s ok though, I have this:

Yey! Even though I’ve been here more than a year, it’s still exciting having a pass that gets me through all the secret doors.

Back to the objects. They’re all stored in racking that looks like this:

And eventually the correct shelves are located:

The particularly juicy bits are sorted out:

And I wing my way back to the office with the objects of choice, ready to pick up the next shelf location notes.

I love my job!

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