Day of Archaeology – LAARC Lottery Part 6 (Environmental Finds)

And so we’ve reached our last section of the Museum of London’s Archaeological Archive. Thanks for playing the LAARC lottery and here are our last two objects for the Day of Archaeology.

The Environmental section of our Archive is the smallest – representative of the small size of the flora and fauna that are processed by flotation through large-scale tanks with small-scale sieves. If you want to see what a raw sample looks like, check out Sarah Matthews (MOLA) ‘dirty’ blog.

First up, our lucky lottery player chose shelf number 43 and our ecofact is a selection of seeds from site archive PRY91, an excavation that took place on the outer reaches of London in the borough of Kingston Upon Thames. This site produced a total of 61 sediment samples and the ecofacts date to the late Iron Age/Roman period. What we have here are cereal grains of wheat/barley. Our Archaeology Collections Manager, Glynn Davis, blogged about a similar ecofact from the City of London. These environmental ‘objects’ are extremely important for understanding cultivated foodstuffs as well as the nature of settlement itself.

Wheat grains from the Iron Age/Roman period

Wheat grains from the Iron Age/Roman period, and from our shelf 43

And so, our last ecofact from a long day’s blogging. So what did shelf 36 have amongst its boxes…of course, it’s a coprolite!

This sample, excavated from site BUF90 – Bull Wharf, Upper Thames Street, was accompanied by a note stating it was ‘hand collected’…archaeologists are known for their odd sense of humour. Need we say more!

Coprolite from BUF90

Coprolite from BUF90 – and shelf 36


And so that brings us to the end of our Day of Archaeology LAARC Lottery. We hope you enjoyed it, we certainly did, and a big thank you to everyone who took part – we couldn’t have done it without you. Apologies also to anyone who suggested a shelf number but didn’t get their object shown – we simply couldn’t do all of them in the time we had – but we hope you found the blogs and posts interesting too.

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