Lara Band (MOLA): So many interesting things to do, so little time to do them in

My name is Lara and I work in the Assessments team in the MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology) Planning Services department. My job is (briefly!) to compile reports for clients on the likelihood of them finding archaeology on a site, the potential significance of the archaeology, and the likely way in which they have to deal with any potential archaeology.  It’s an interesting job – today I’ve checked borehole records (okay some might not find that interesting but you can download an app from BGS online, and then amaze your friends with your geotechnical knowledge of the world under your feet next time you’re in the pub); read up a little on Dr Sacheverell and his connection to ‘Piss Pot Hall’ in Clapton, Hackney; done some research on the fantastic Eleanor Coade, played around with ArcGIS, chased up some photographs needed for a report and of course, been writing a report (and editing an earlier one) too.

Rocque’s fabulous map of London - one of the many tools of the trade

Rocque’s fabulous map of London – one of the many tools of the trade

When I go home this evening I’ll try to find time to do the edits for a data paper I’m writing for the Journal of Archaeology Open Data, on research I carried out for my MA (a survey and analysis of graveyards in Finland, Sweden and on Åland).  I’ve deposited with the Swedish National Data Service (take a look if you’re interested).  The data paper for JOAD is to help advertise further that this data is freely available for anyone else who wants to make use of  it – because knowledge freely shared is knowledge doubled (at least) and that is a Good Thing.

If sounds rushed, well, that’s because I’m heading towards a deadline so –onwards!