Let’s start the day with good news

Starting my #dayofarch with good news :)

Starting my #dayofarch with good news 🙂

This year I will start my #dayofarch posts in English… I don’t feel like writing in Spanish right now (maybe has to do with the editing and my PhD thesis). As usual, my days are archaeologically boring, but I do have a life beyond archaeology and today my only link is this site.

However… I am really happy because a client is finally paying me today his 9k debt and that means I can survive this summer and pay my own debts (at last). Is not that good news!

This brings me to the reality of Commercial Archaeology and how we have to deal with a lot of things, but specially payments. It is incredible how you can pass from having nothing to having everything and viceversa in a matter of minutes. The market is not always about archaeology. We can enjoy more or less our job in the field or the lab, but at the end of the month we have to pay our bills and salaries and there is where it gets complicated. Last weeks have been difficult for me with this debt. In the moment I come back from a cake presentation I must attend (you will hear and see soon about it!), I will have to start paying my pending debts and setting things back to normal. Editing posts for the DoA will not be my main duty today apparently.