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    Dear Day of Archaeology;

    I am a travel guidebook author currently working on Outlandish Scotland Journey–a guidebook that will help fans of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander novels (and the Starz TV Outlander series) to visit real-world places in Scotland that:
    (1) are mentioned in the books;
    (2) inspired Gabaldon’s fictional location descriptions;
    (3) were used for filming the TV series.

    May I have permission to use your marvelous photo of Ruthven Barracks in the Ruthven Barracks chapter of Outlandish Scotland Journey?

    I’m specifically referring to the Ruthven-barracks-Highland.jpg pic:

    Unfortunately, I cannot possibly afford to pay you for using it. [I have to work three 10-hour shifts at a Call Center each week so that I can pay my bills and continue writing my travel guidebooks on the other days.]

    However! In addition to thanking you in the Acknowledgements section of the book, I’ll happily provide whatever photo-credit you prefer–such as:

    If you provide the photographer’s name, I’ll use that in the credit.

    And, when Outlandish Scotland Journey is finished, I’ll send you a free PDF of the final manuscript.

    Is this an arrangement you would be willing to entertain?
    I dearly hope so!

    Sincerely Yours,
    (Ms. Charly D Miller)
    Ashland, Nebraska, USA
    A Novel Holiday Travel Guidebooks

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