Lost in Trowelslation… and other terrible puns

On this, the day in which people all over the world tell you about the amazing and wonderful and envy-inspiring things they are doing, I wish I had a story to tell you that would blow your freaking socks off. I wish I could tell you that I was defiantly digging during a sandstorm in the ruins of Egypt. I wish I could tell you I was standing over a trench in a remote forest in Peru. Hell, I wish I could tell you I was standing in a cow paddock surrounded by curious bovine, digging hole after empty hole. Sadly however the reality is I find myself, on the Day of Archaeology, at the library. Yep, the library.

Day of Archaeology

My name is Sam, I have been working professionally as an archaeologist for a little over two years now. I’m based in Melbourne, Australia and while I’ve done a little bit of work overseas most of my career has been spent digging holes right here. This year I made the decision to go back to University and make my degree a little bit more impressive. I really want to emphasise the word little in that last sentence. So now I split my time between the office and on campus at the University of Melbourne. While I know this decision in the long term means that I will get to dig more holes in the future, it has severely cut down the amount of fieldwork I get to do which is super annoying. On the upside my car has never been cleaner, so there’s that.

It also means that while the rain pours down outside I am cosy and warm, reading some big old dusty books and sneakily eating the bag of pretzels I have stashed in my bag so the librarians don’t catch me. There is however, no place like an archaeological site. The neatly dug trenches, the steel capped boots and the anticipation of finding something. I can’t wait to get back there next week!

Day of Archaeology 2