Making Archaeology 3D in St. Augustine, Florida

What am I doing today? As a public archaeologist, part of my work is to make archaeology more accessible to the public. One of the exciting, new ways that we can do this is through the 3D modeling of artifacts or even whole archaeological sites. While 3D modeling isn’t anything new (you’ve all probably played video games, huh?) the way we can do it is relatively new and much easier than ever before. There are two relatively cheap and easy ways to 3D model things: laser scanning and photogrammetry. We are using photogrammetry to record artifacts that will be used in training and educational outreach that we conduct. Imagine that instead of just seeing a drawing or picture of an artifact you can now view it in 3D; you can spin it around, look at every side, get measurements from it, and even 3D print it and hold the artifact. If we 3D model a site you can visit and virtually walk through a place that perhaps few humans will ever get the chance to see in life.

Fragile and unique in life, ready to go for a spin in the digital world!

Fragile and unique in life, ready to go for a spin in the digital world!


Follow us on YouTube to see what we're up to!

Follow us on YouTube to see what we’re up to!

We’re just getting this current modeling project off the ground, and we’re working collaboratively to get the job done: teamwork is always important. We’ll have more on this project up for all to see in the months ahead, but for the 2016 Day of Archaeology you now have a little glimpse into the world of archaeology-and this time I didn’t even have to break a sweat!


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Text: Kevin Gidusko


Pics: Kevin Gidusko