Manchester Museum – #cakehenge, smashing pots and wood conservation

Today is our last day of family and adult activities all about archaeology which Manchester Museum has organised to join in with the UK wide Festival of Archaeology!  In our Discovery Centre families are busily digging in sand boxes, painting Greek paper plates and making clay amulets. Festival of Archaeology is a great opportunity for the Museum to highlight its rich archaeology collections.  This year we’ve had a Big Saturday where people were able to wash finds from and meet the archaeologists, Whitworth Park Archaeology and History Project, smashed pots and painted casts of pre-dynastic hippo bowls to find out about the art and science of conservation and even decorate cookies to look like scarab beetles.  There has also been an experimental archaeology workshop looking at how a Coptic sock was knitted and a talk on wood conservation by Ian Panter, from York Archaeology Trust.  A real highlight of the Festival has been a donation of a bronze age burial cake (as part of our #cakehenge campaign)!

Post written by Anna Bunney, Curator of Public Programmes.  Follow Anna on @MuseumMeets 

@littleminsbakery's bronze age #cakehenge c. Manchester Museum

@littleminsbakery’s bronze age #cakehenge c. Manchester Museum