Morning from BAJR

Sheriffside Fieldschool with Rampart Scotland

Sheriffside Fieldschool with Rampart Scotland

One of the great things about this time of year is that other things can fill my day (see above) – It had to start however by considering the implications of the new (where have we heard that before) working party of pay and conditions in British Archaeology.  This time it seems to be an “Industry led” initiative. Another day in the wacky world of the British Archaeological Jobs Resource begins…


Currently I am slurping down my second brew in order to fortify myself for a day spent with 20 lovely people from around the world, currently in glorious sunshine – We are on the site of a large enclosure (about 200m across) with massive ditches – up to 7 metres across.  But the site is now ploughed out and only found through aerial photography taken in the 1980s.  Rampart Scotland has now been studying these sites for 5 years and this is our first large open area excavation. The basis of the project straddles training and a full research programme. Currently, the team have been trowelling, hoeing and damping down the site and several features are showing in the hard clay soil. When I get back this evening I will be sure to update you on our progress.

I also keep an eye on the job adverts that come in on BAJR – British Archaeological Jobs Resource there are a couple that need a careful discussion to support the company to a better worded version.  Past Horizons needs its stories as well, but Maggie has to deal with all of that just now…  perhaps we will even get out own story into Past Horizons!  A quick discussion with Maggie provides an answer to that!  She will highlight ten of her favourite stories from the Day of Archaeology in a special article in the next couple of days! However, I had to make 2 planning frames for her to keep up with orders from the tool company part  🙁   so it was down to the shed and start completing these essential site tools.

I hear the clink of another tea.   but have no time as it is time to drive to site (lovely late starts!)   Can’t wait to read the other entries from around the globe, and will be back with you tonight.

Thanks as ever to DoA    – for highlighting the real world of archaeology