Mostly Writing, Some Social Media, Field Project Promotion, and Beer

Somewhere along the way, in addition to becoming a practicing field archaeologist and educator, I became a writer of archaeology. I write year round as a secondary activity, almost hobby-like, off the side of my desk, while teaching three courses per term at Capilano University in western Canada, and directing archaeology field projects for seven weeks each May and June.

July is typically devoted primarily to writing.  In addition to writing this post, today I am prioritizing two other writing projects, but will work on several, and spend some time on social media and professional networks  as well.  Project 1 is drafting my July, 2013 column for the American Anthropological Association’s on-line ‘Anthropology News’ where I have been writing a monthly column called ‘Archeology in North America’ for the past 22 months. I am drafting it today with the intent of revising and submitting it early next week. It should appear on-line July 29, 30, or 31. The topic of the July column is on the implications of DNA studies in archaeology, especially in regard to perhaps superseding archaeology in support of Indigenous claims of use and occupancy of territories in North America and tracing ancestry.

Project 2 is a continuation of working on the third edition of ‘The First Nations of British Columbia: An Anthropological Survey’.  There is much to update in regard to archaeology. The last edition was published in 2007 and since that time there have been about 17,000 archaeology sites added to the inventory of prehistoric sites in the province.  Revisions to this book have been my primary project in July thus far. I will submit my completed manuscript in mid August, with an anticipated publication date in Spring, 2014.

I typically like to intersperse hours on some writing projects with short bursts of energy on other, unrelated writing projects. Today, this includes about 15-30 minutes each on (i) the second edition of ‘Introducing Archaeology’, a core textbook for introductory archaeology classes in colleges and universities (I will submit my completed manuscript at end of August, with an anticipated publication date in Spring, 2014); (ii)  a draft of a paper on archaeology I am presenting at the annual meetings of the American Anthropological Association in Chicago in November ; and (iii)  a paper for an on-line publication on contemporary discard and waste behaviour.

In addition to writing, I will visit Twitter several time to see what is happening in the world of archaeology. I am a big advocate of using Twitter to share things related to archaeology. I sometimes find it is hard to believe I have more than 4,000 tweets and more than 1,000 followers. My Twitter profile is here. I can be followed at @bobmuckle.

I will also continue my ongoing, never-ending promotion of my field project. I will contemplate updating the Facebook page for the Seymour Valley Archaeology Project I direct and answer some email enquiries about a 12 minute video of the project I posted on-line to various Facebook pages, groups, and listserves yesterday. The video was made by a student and provides a good feel for the nature of archaeological field and lab work.

It is a beautiful warm and sunny day where I live today, but instead of being outdoors I will be writing in my home office. At the end of my workday I will reward myself with a bottle of my favorite beer – Dead Guy Ale.