My Day July 11th 2014

I work as a County Archaeologist for a small Unitary Authority in north east Wales. I have been here for 18 years, I am the sole archaeologist and work within a Countryside Team. I am also Chair of the Association of Local government Archaeological Officers UK.

What has my day been like on july 11th? well it started by wishing my husband ‘Happy Birthday’. Once in the office, sadly on a bright and sunny day, I checked emails, sent some about an upcoming caves seminar I am arranging and then moved onto a couple of outstanding planning consultations. These were relatively straightforward. In the middle of this a County Councillor, our lead Member, came in to talk about details for a community walk I am leading next week for a group that he is involved with. We will be visiting a rather damaged chambered tomb, this reminded me to contact the site owner to arrange a recce trip before next Thursday! I then remembered that I am out of the office next Monday so had better sort out the activities I need for a school trip to a hillfort in the Clwydian Range which is happening first thing on Tuesday.

Back to an email I had avoided doing anything about, it relates to a community excavation in a neighbouring authority, which I have liaised with on behalf of the Clwyd Powys Archaeological Trust, a bit awkward as the project design for the work is thin to say the least…………at the same time I could report back to CPAT about work which is taking place at a local churchyard where colleagues are rebuilding the boundary wall.

After a quick walk to the post office the afternoon started with the monthly meeting of another community archaeology group who have funding to continue some excavations adjacent to a hillfort in the Clwydian Range, they will be working at the same time as two University excavations on two other nearby hillforts are taking place, so hopefully they will all be able to visit each others sites. July 12th sees the start of Festival of British Archaeology and over the weekend I have arranged for medieval re-enactors to be camped at a local Country Park, some of the group had arrived so I was able to show them where their site would be and also show them the field where the ‘plastic’ camp site would be. That I thought was that for the day until at 9pm I had a call to say that the camp site was not ideal, I tried to sort things out but worried until arriving on site this morning… discover that all was fine. Festival of British Archaeology is a time when I try to arrange a lot of activities for families and walks for others, so next week the fun begins.