My day of Archaeology at the prehistoric lab of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki!

THe microscope working place at the AUTh prehistoric lab.

The microscope working place at the AUTh prehistoric lab.

It is the second time I am joining the “Day of Archaeology” and I am really content to feel part of this broader archaeological community.

My 29th of July was spent on two different archaeological fields, let’s say…

The first was the preparation of an action to be implemented for European Heritage Days at the end of September 2016 and has to do with the combination of digital social media and mobile phone technology to raise public awareness on antiquities which are hidden under the modern urban development. The action is aiming at re-introducing seven hidden archaeological sites of ancient Thessaloniki (my place of work, research and living) and turn them into places of memory, combining them with people’s everyday life. The action will be implemented through the use of mobile phones and tablets. Seven posters with QR codes will be designed to highlight each one of these places. The placing of posters in various spots of the city will be widely publicized through social media. The audience, using their mobile phones, will be able to connect with a data base and find information, texts and photos of these unknown and forgotten parts of the ancient city. An initial elaboration of this approach has been prepared in my MA thesis on Museology in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, completed this January with Kostas Kotsakis and Kostas Kasvikis as my tutors. The full action is under the umbrella of NEARCH project

On the Day of Archaeology I worked in particular to review the material (mostly photos) to be used at the data base and also went through the evaluation sheet (prepared together with Kostas Kasvikis) for the action. I had also a skype meeting with the graphic designer and architect Kleopatra Alagialoglou, responsible for the lay out of the project, to decide a few technical details and to produce a timeschedule for our workflow.

After finishing with the reviewing and the managing of the action to come, it was time to do some work for my personal “archaeological demon”, my research for my PhD thesis. My thesis is about the bronze jewlery from an Early Iron Age Cemetery at Stavroupoli near Thessaloniki. After having indexed and reviewed the material and selected the samples for analyses I now have in hand the polished sections of my samples. I have to work on the metallographic microscope to define their structure and other technological features. Today I am taking pictures of the samples as can be seen in the photo uploaded.

A draft poster for the action we are planning!

A draft poster for the action we are planning!

Sometimes It is hard to devide your time and energy in different research fields but at the same time it can be really rewarding. My engagement with the public regarding archaeological heritage has provided a different way to think about my basic research and to re-evaluate my scientific and professional ethics. And that is something I wanted also to share with you for my Day of Archaeology!