My day of archaeology = brain break

As a full-time CRM (contract/salvage/private sector) archaeologist, I’m fortunate enough to have benefits, including paid sick and vacation days. And today, on the Day of Archaeology, I’m taking a “mental health day.”
I’ve spent the better part of the last 3.5 months working in the office, writing reports. I’m one of the go-to people in our office for report writing, which I consider a great compliment (even if it hasn’t exactly come with a commensurate raise or promotion). I also like being in the office because I get to stay at home in Austin, where I can hang out with my friends, spend time with my girlfriend, take care of my house, and play softball. And when your summer has had almost 50 days of 100+ degree (F) temperatures, working in an air-conditioned office is a very nice set-up.
At the same time, as anyone who has written (or is writing) a thesis or dissertation or professional report knows, sometimes you just get burned out staring at a screen and thinking. Writers block happens, or you suffer a general lack of focus, or familiarity can breed contempt. This is a problem when your time is billable to a project, with a limited number of hours budgeted for your writing time.
Thus, the mental health day. I’m using the time to relax, decompress, and give my eyes and brain some rest. I figure I’m doing my work a favor, because I know they wouldn’t be getting an acceptable 8-hour day out of me. Come Monday, I’ll be refreshed and ready to hunker down and churn out some pages. I’m already working on some things in the back of my head, which shows that sometimes taking down-time can be more productive.
So, if you want to know how I spend my actual working days, I invite you to check out my blog:
or my Twitter feed:!/archaeocore.
Meanwhile, this is how I plan on spending at least part of my day:

drinking Lone Star Beer and relaxing in my new back porch baby pool

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