My first Day of Arch!

Hello Everyone!

I’ve already posted once today, but in this last hour of such a special day for all archaeologists in the world, I also want to share with you how did this day looked like in my case.

Well, I spent all day following new posts on this site 🙂 .

There are two reasons for that: first, the one which seems quite natural, I’ve got REALLY intrested, and couldn’t wait to read next post. All of them were very informative, showed many different ways of living as archaeologists, and most of all loving the archaeology. Many of them gave me new perspective and, in my opinion actually tought me something – from a disance, but nevertheless as worthy thins as during  any academic lecture. Few of them really shocekd me, but in a good way. Second reason why I was following this digital event, that connected people from so many different places of a world, is connected with its actual investigating. It means that I was trying to learn new  perspectives and different aproaches in order to communicate archaeology better. I am just-graduated (it’s been a week todday) master in archaeology from Polish University of Adam Mickiewicz and in the future I hope to be as engaged archaeologists as it seemes to be possible in my country. There is now a continiously rising number of projects, which are about getting the public involved. As there would be more, hopefully with me featuring them, I dare to claim, that many of the future one have started today, with great impact of all posting participants!

Thank you for an inspiration!

Happy Day of Archaeology!