My first #dayofarch from inside (Epilogue)

I have been posting in Spanish the whole day… The past couple of years I did in English, but thought it would be interested to engage more people in other languages and so, I got engaged by the day. This is how I ended up as part of the team this year, trying to find new contributors from other corners of the world. I’m not sure if I succeeded, but I can see many posts in Spanish, even some in French, and people from very different parts of the world (would swear from the 5 continents). Next week we will analyze the results and evaluate 2013 Day. Meanwhile, we have to continue working.

Thanks to the Day this is the first time I actually do something… Although it has been mostly for the Day. Now is after midnight, still posts to moderate and I’m dying to play the new English Heritage Monopoly (which I received last week).


My new English Heritage Monopoly

Tomorrow I will continue with an eye on the Day and the other one in my ‘normal’ archaeology job… editing. Still the new number of AP Journal needs to be out soon, but also a new book. No time to get bored.