No Shovel at All – A Day in Pictures

Today many people know that archaeologist around the world usually don’t work in pits with a shovel in their hand every day. What many people yet don’t know is that there are days in the professional life of an archaeologist in which he holds not even a single find in his hands and in which he doesn’t think of finds and reconstructing past lifeways at all.

I’ve graduated from the Johannes Gutenberg-University in Mainz with a degree in Prehistory. Currently I’m working at the MONREPOS Archaeological Research Center and Museum for Human Behavioral Evolution. This amazing institute is the place where I spent my Day of Archaeology 2012 without a shovel or even a single find.

In the morning I administrated MONREPOS’ social networking accounts (twitter, facebook, Google+) and informed myself about new posts of people the institute follows. I also tweeted about our own activities, organizing several excavations for the summer.


One of these field projects is the Lower Danube Survey for Paleolithic Sites. Together with collaborating institutes we will be conducting excavations at a newly discovered Lower Paleolithic site in Romania called Dealul Guran. As we are still looking for participants to join this year’s campaign I designed an information flyer and aupdated the project’s website.


Since I will be working in the field myself I had to book a flight from Frankfurt to Bucharest and back.

Just like in other professions, archaeologists have their spleens too. This time my fellow graduate students and I agreed in the need of buying special trowels for the above mentioned fieldwork in Romania. So we gathered around a computer and purchased some equipment that deemed us to be indispensable for a successful summer.


Being a post-graduate I frequently think about a topic to focus on next. On the Day of Archaeology I therefore met with one of my supervisors in our institute’s lounge to chat about possible projects.

Last but not least, let me clarify my point: I do dig pits at times.