Now where did I put that archaeology?

My name is Emma Traherne and I am Assistant Curator at the Museum of Farnham.

My job involves a little bit of everything. I help with education and outreach, I manage the website and social media, I create exhibitions, help manage the volunteers and deal with enquires from the public. This is all brilliant I hear you say but what has it got to do with archaeology? Although I do all of the above I still consider myself an archaeologist. I studied archaeology at university, I have been on excavations and I try to keep up to date with the news and current issues affecting the sector. The Museum of Farnham also has an archaeology collection and as Assistant Curator I assist in the care and management of the collection.

Along with archaeology we also have a very fine collection of costume (shoes, fans, lace, dresses, hats etc.), an archive (paper documents and photographs), fine art and social history (generally non paper objects which are not considered archaeology). So you can see that archaeology is just one small part of the collection that the museum holds. This is why when I came in this morning I asked myself ‘Now where did I put that archaeology?’ as I wanted to make sure that I had some archaeology to talk about on the Day of Archaeology.

One thought on “Now where did I put that archaeology?

  1. Rhodri says:

    I have been to the Museum of Farnham and it is well worth a visit. Really interesting stuff about the area which really brings the history of Farnahm to life.

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